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Specialist in Teen, Young Adult, & Family Therapy, Clinical Researcher, Corporate Counselor, & Performance Anxiety Guru

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What Others Say About Working with Neha Kalra, LPC


 ""Coming here [to see Neha] has COMPLETELY change my life. I thought I was going to spend years looking for the person for me and I feel like I struck gold. It's my favorite part of the week."


-- Katherine A. 

Former Client

"Worked closely with Neha to get myself out of the worst depression imaginable. Her knowledge and attention to detail made her the perfect therapist for me."


-- Lance W.

Former Client

"I scheduled "therapy on the green" the other week and loved it! I highly recommend for golfers wanting to work on their mental game and catch some of my unhelpful thought processes along the way! Neha is fun and very good at what she does!"


-- Skyler W.

Former Client

"I always felt inspired and excited when working directly with Neha. As a clinician, she always put the needs of her clients first, exercising her creativity in her approach to growth and healing.  As a colleague, she focused on working as a team, bringing in fresh new ideas, and advocating for the best possible care to each of her clients." 


-- Wes Yu

Former Co-Worker


Personal Background & History


I know and understand the challenges that teens, young adults, families, and couples face in today's world. It can be hard to struggle with depression, anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety, trauma therapy, PTSD treatment, substance abuse and other life challenges.

There are answers and there is hope. I have successfully worked with many individuals who started therapy hopeless to go on and not only regain hope but find the happiness and joy that was missing from their lives. There is no better job in the world than to help another person overcome these challenges!


My Personal Background & Journey


I was born in Punjab, India where I spent 2 ½ years before moving to America. I learned English in kindergarten and continue to fluently speak my native language which is Punjabi and Hindi.


I actually started my educational journey by attending law school but given my passion for family law, I continued to pursue my education by obtaining my Masters in Science in Clinical Mental Health.


I grew up in Buffalo, NY so naturally, I am a huge Buffalo Bills fan! I love sports all together and believe that it is a key element in helping individuals overcome many adversities. It’s not only a steppingstone but sometimes athletics can be extremely therapeutic. Helping teen athletes or young adult athletes is a passion of mine.


I recently took on Golf, voluntarily and involuntarily. My journey with golf began with a client and it ended with a new perspective on life and how each shot is a new shot at life and a new opportunity.


Golf is something that has taught me a lot about patience, perseverance and discipline. Growing up as a first generation Indian, I am proud to say I am a native Texan and proud American.


I still have my roots in India and go back almost every other year and speak the language with my grandmother and parents. I know what the struggles are like to balance life as a first generation Indian and an American. I am truly blessed and grateful for my journey and the opportunities that have been presented to me.


My biggest treasure is my education and life experience. being a therapist since 2013, I believe working at treatment centers and outpatient facilities has allowed me to broaden my skills and knowledge base that makes me confident in helping others with any type of life struggles they may encounter. The tougher the case, the bigger the challenge and one I accept, humbly.


Educational Background


I have always been fascinated with psychology. I am particularly fascinated with teen, young adult, and family psychology. My life experience, personality, and strengths are centered in working with teens, young adults, and families.


In addition to teen, young adult, and family psychology, I have also been highly interested in performance anxiety including sports, test, public speaking, and other settings where our performance may be "judged".

In 2008, I earned by Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Geneseo College in Geneseo, New York. Geneseo College is a premier public liberal arts college. Geneseo is nationally recognized for excellence and known for exceptional faculty. Geneseo has earned seven best schools ranking from U.S. News & World Report.

In 2013, earned my Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Canisius College in Buffalo, New York. Canisius college is a private, Jesuit Catholic college and is consistently ranked among the top colleges and universities in the Northeast. I graduated among the top 5% of my class was fortunate to participate in research studies where I was published in 2014. 

I have a significant interest in how social media and the internet plays a role in the lives of teenagers, young adults, and adults. In particular, my interest is in how it shapes the way teens are affected by social media in their ability to form relationships and their identity.


Specifically, the research focused on the ability social media has to manipulate our identity development. I also focused on the risks teenagers are faced with and its association with teen anxiety and teen depression.


After I published the research article, I received an award and inducted into the Chi Sigma Lota Counseling Honors Society for my research paper focusing on the different ways teenagers form their identities in the world of social media.


Professional Background & History



Providing counseling and therapeutic services since 2013, I have developed the clinical skills necessary to help teens, young adults, families, and couples overcome a wide variety of life challenges. While I have a wide variety or professional and clinical experience, my areas of expertise include areas such as:



I have worked in a variety of therapeutic settings since graduating with my Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling such as:

  • A treatment center providing therapeutic services from a strengths-based approach in working with families.

  • Directly with a Psychiatrist where I utilized a person-centered approach combined with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). I also conducted research on the effectiveness of the therapeutic approaches. Based on the findings, I was able to propose changes that would further enhance the therapeutic care our teens, young adults, adults, and families were receiving.

  • A private practice where I focused on performance anxiety with an emphasis on athletic performance anxiety. Golf was and still is the primary sport that my clients were seeking me out for to help them overcome their performance anxiety.

  • As the lead therapist at a substance abuse program where I provided individual, family, and group therapy.

  • I have also started a private practice where the bulk of my clients are those who are looking for ways to overcome performance anxiety in a variety of settings.

Advanced Practice & Specialty Training



As a teen therapist, young adult counselor, family therapist, couples therapist, & marriage counselor, it's important to me that I engage in advanced practice and specialty trainings. As I advance my clinical skill and knowledge base, I am able to better help those I am fortunate to work with.


I have received specialty training in advance practice in a variety of areas including certification in:

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