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Experienced, Skilled, & Authentic: Specialist in Teen, Young Adult, Family Therapy. Jheri also specializes in Helping Women Through the Storms of Life 

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What Others Say About Working with Jheri Walters, LCSW-S



"Jheri Walters is a highly qualified professional and has an amazing work ethic. She holds herself accountable to deliver the highest level of professionalism.  She has a wonderful personality that allows her to be extremely approachable.  I witnessed her strong sense of clinical judgement, problem-solving skills, and knowledge base. I believe that Jheri’s extensive clinical experience prepared me not only for my clinical examination but equipped me to become the clinician I am today. Jheri adheres to the Social Work Code of Ethics and is reliable, intelligent, and dedicated to her clients."


Amber Delane, LCSW

--  Former Clinical Supervisee


"I can't believe you are leaving. I'm going to miss you so much, for real! You are the best therapist I've every had! I'm really going to miss you. I hope you like your new job. Good luck!"

-- Former Client

"As soon as I had an opening to bring Jheri on board I jumped at it!  I have worked with Jheri in a residential treatment center for teen girls here in Katy. I watched her as she interacted with the girls at the center and saw how easily she was able to form a connection with the girls. The girls Jheri worked with felt listened to, understood, and that Jheri was a therapist who cared. As a result, Jheri was more effective in her therapy approaches."

Jason Drake, LCSW-S, BCN, EMDR Trained

-- Owner & Lead Clinician Katy Teen & Family Counseling

Personal Background & History


I have always enjoyed working with teens, young adults, and families. I also enjoy helping other women use their strengths and talents to overcome barriers that are blocking their path to happiness, success, and life fulfillment.  


I find working with blended families a particular strength of mine. Growing up in a blended family and being currently a part of a blended marriage, I have a personal understanding of some of the unique challenges blended families face.


As a bi-racial person, this affords me a unique understanding and approach in developing multicultural sensitivity. This has helped me to effectively address emotional or behavioral struggles teens and young adults who may also be bi-racial.

My interests revolve around family time and I enjoy spending time with my own family. Some of our favorite activities are watching movies together or dining out.


As a mother, my hobbies center around exercising and doing things that can help me keep in good physical shape to keep up with the high activity demands of my kids. I try to stay away from more exciting or cool hobbies like skydiving, hang gliding, or archery. I'd like to be around for my family for the for seeable future! 


Education, Professional Background, & Approach to Therapy



I have always had a passion for helping others. Assisting women, teens, young adults, and families has been something I have naturally gravitated towards. I find I connect quickly with women, teens, young adults, and families and that my personality is well suited for this. While teens and young adults may share similar struggles, it takes a therapist who understands women's struggles to help women through those challenges. 


I am genuine, authentic, and real and my client's have commented that this is one of the things they have appreciated most in working with me. I set out in my education with purpose and intent to provide therapy to teens, counseling for young adults, and family therapy. 

Jheri's Clinical Education & Experience


I earned her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Louisiana State University (Geaux Tigers!).  I earned my Masters in Social Work from the University of Houston. I started providing therapy to teens, young adults, and families in 2009. I have worked in a variety of settings as a therapist including:

  • Private Practice

  • Outpatient Specialty Therapy Clinics

  • Structured Outpatient Therapy Programs

  • Crisis Intervention Therapy Programs 

  • Inpatient, Psychiatric Hospitals 

  • Large Nonprofit Therapy Programs

Experienced in Treating Emotional Struggles


In the settings I have worked in over the years, I have provided teen therapy, counseling for young adults, and family therapy, as well as counseling for women, to overcome and learn to manage:

During therapy with teens, young adults, families, and women, I utilize therapy approaches supported by research and that have shown to be effective. I have a particular interest and utilize Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in my counseling with teens, young adults, and families. CBT is one of the most researched approaches in successfully treating a variety of teen and young adult emotional or behavioral struggles. 

I also come from a person centered approach. I am interested in helping you meet your therapy goals and helping you be the best version of you possible. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) has been effective in my therapy with teens & young adults. Combined with CBT, it is a powerful talk therapy approach in helping people heal.

During the therapy process, I help the teens, young adults, families, and women I work with use their own innate strengths and talents. Utilizing their strengths as the foundation, teens, young adults, families, and women can build upon those strengths with the skills and tools they will learn with me in therapy. Things like depression and anxiety can rob a teen or young adult of self-esteem or self-worth. They may have a difficult time seeing that they have strengths and talents and that's where I come in.


I am a very strengths based therapist and I help teens, young adults, and women work through the fog and confusion of depression, anxiety, and other struggles to see their strengths. I then help them build and develop upon those strengths helping teens and young adults learn coping skills, increasing their support systems, and developing a healthy lifestyle among other approaches. 

Healthy Lifestyle & Therapy Success


The brain and the body have a strong connection. Many emotional or behavioral struggles can be alleviated by focusing on our lifestyle choices. 


What we eat, exercising, adequate sleep help the brain to be healthy. A healthy brain leads to more effective emotional and behavioral health. Research at Harvard University has shown that exercise is as effective as antidepressant or anti anxiety medication. After 6 months of sustained exercise, it has been shown to be more effective.


I will help your teen or young adult navigate their therapy journey and help teach healthy lifestyle habits to support overcoming and learning to manage anxiety, depression, trauma, and other struggles.

Therapist Supervisor


I am also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker Supervisor (LCSW-S). Part of what drives me as a therapist is mentoring and supervising interns, graduate students, & therapists who are working on their hours towards full licensure as an LCSW.  I am licensed to provide clinical and administrative supervision and I take an active role in supervising. 

I enjoy passing on the best practice therapy knowledge, skills, and approaches that have helped me to be successful to up and coming therapists. I feel a sense a duty and responsibility to pass on what others have given me that have helped me be successful as a counselor. I take pride in knowing that I am helping to shape the field of therapy in ensuring highly skilled therapists are entering the work force.

Specializing in Teen Therapy, Counseling for Young Adults, Family Therapy, & Women's Counseling: 
Serving Katy, Tx & Houston



As a part of the team at Katy Teen & Family Counseling, Jheri joins a group of therapists who also specialize in teen therapy, young adult counseling, and family therapy. Jheri also excels at helping women overcome emotional or behavioral struggles. 


With Jheri joining our Katy, Tx office of Katy Teen & Family Counseling, we have 50+ years of combined experience in providing therapy to teens, counseling to young adults, and family therapy.


Our office is conveniently located just off of I-10 and 99 a few blocks behind the Academy Sports. For those in the Katy, Tx area, it's only a few minutes away. For those in the Houston, Tx area, it's only a couple minutes once you exit I-10.  


Our caring teen, young adult, and family specialists want to help. If you are ready to take that first step and start your counseling journey, you can follow these three simple steps:​

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Therapeutic Services Offered at Katy Teen & Family Counseling



At Katy Teen & Family Counseling, we provide other therapeutic and counseling services in addition to teen counseling, young adult counseling, and family therapy. Below are some of those counseling services in addition to other therapeutic approaches in treating a variety or struggles :


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