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Therapeutic and Counseling Approaches for Teens and Families


It's important to us that we provide the teens, young adults, and families we work with those therapeutic approaches that have been effective at producing change in the shortest amount of time. We utilize well-researched, effective, and therapeutic counseling practices that create real change for our clients. We also provide the focused attention and resources to support you in the healing process. 

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Neurofeedback for Teens & Young Adults

The way our brain communicates, or functions, is through electrical impulses being sent between cells in our brains called neurons. Through these electrical impulses, or brainwaves, the brain regulates everything from heart rate, breathing, body temperature to mood, emotion, behavior, and much, much more. 


For many of us, the communication between the cells in our brain functions optimally. There are some who may have an imbalance in this communication where their brainwaves present as different than those of an optimal brain of someone who is the same age and gender.


For example, we have found with consistency, that those who struggle with depression present with different brainwaves than those who do not. 

In neurofeedback, we place sensors on the head to measure the brainwaves to identify those that are the culprit for the symptoms that you may be struggling with.


Once we identify those brainwaves that are associated with your symptoms, we create a training program that will help you learn how to regulate how your brain communicates to help you achieve the goals to significantly reduce or eliminate the symptoms.


It is a very non-invasive, comfortable, and relaxing experience and the "easiest therapy" you will ever participate in!

Your brain is a very efficient 'muscle' in your body. It is always seeking ways to balance and improve your body's way of functioning. Included in that functioning are the mood, emotions, and behavior we experience.


Neurofeedback is simply a way to help exercise your brain ('muscle') to help it bring back in balance those difficult struggles you have been experiencing.


In the case of depression, neurofeedback can help alleviate the sadness, lack of energy, lack of motivation, hopelessness, etc. to the point you can leave those symptoms behind and live a life free of the impact depression has had on your life.  

Some life struggles that neurofeedback has been found to be effective with include:

Jason Drake, LCSW-S, BCN is Board Certified in Neurofeedback through the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA).  We would be happy to speak with you further about this very effective, therapeutic approach.

Amy Galpin, LPC, has been practicing neurofeedback since 2013. A very skilled and talented neurofeedback therapist with a high success rate.


Below are other approaches that our therapists utilize in helping your teen, young adult, and family solve life struggles and strengthen family connections.

Functional Family Therapy (FFT)

Functional Family Therapy (FFT) is a short-term (approximately 12-14 counseling sessions), strengths-based, therapeutic family therapy approach for youth ages 11-18 that involves the participation of the whole family. FFT can be provided both in the home or the counselor's office and comprises 5 elements: Engagement, Motivation, Relational Assessment, Behavior Change and Generalization.

FFT has been found effective in treating oppositional and defiant type behavior, anger, substance abuse, among other challenging behavior while improving school attendance and behavior. FFT also helps parents to learn additional parenting strategies effective in helping maintain long term change.

Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS)

Collaborative & Proactive Solutions (CPS) is a strengths-based, neurobiologically grounded, relational approach in resolving problems while teaching teens & young adults the skills needed to solve problems effectively. This approach allows parents to address the challenging behaviors exhibited in the home through empowerment, empathy and mutual (or collaborative & proactive) problem solving pertaining to the shared problem(s) that lead to the challenging behaviors.   

Collaborative & Proactive Solutions is very complimentary to Functional Family Therapy. While parents still maintain structure, rules, discipline in the home, CPS brings the teen and other children into the process thus strengthening family relationships plus increasing the likelihood of long term change.

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)

ART is a form of psychotherapy with roots in existing, evidence-based therapies. ART has been shown to be effective in as many as 1-5 sessions.

ART addresses struggles such as anxiety, social anxiety, performance anxiety, panic attacks, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), phobias, depression, PTSD, & trauma. 

The client is always in control of the sesison guided by a trained ART therapist. In ART when specifically addressing trauma or PTSD, clients are not required to talk about the trauma in order to resolve the trauma.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

EMDR is one of the most researched therapies and has been found to be effective in treating a multitude of problems. It has also been found to bring about change faster than traditional talk therapy. EMDR has been shown effective in treating problems including: teen trauma (all types and severity), being bullied, teen anxiety, teen phobias, teen panic attacks, teen depression, academic fears, feelings of rejection, feelings of guilt and shame, and attachment disorders, among others.

EMDR has been found to be effective with children, teens, and young adults. Though it has it's roots in trauma treatment, EMDR has been just as effective in providing relief and freedom from the bondage of emotional, mood, and/or behavioral life struggles.

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Motivational Interviewing (MI)

Motivational Interviewing is a short term therapy approach that has been shown to be effective for those who start off in counseling unmotivated or not ready to make changes. Motivational Interviewing can help one move through the emotional stages of change required to help find and increase motivation to make changes in thought and behavior in order to make healthier life choices.

Do you have a teen, young adult, or other family member who may not be super highly motivated in attending counseling? Motivational Interviewing has been found effective in helping individuals find the motivation needed to engage in counseling to find the peace that change can bring into one's life.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is typically a short term therapy approach that is solutions-oriented and centers on how one's thoughts and perceptions influence behavior.  CBT has been shown to be effective in treating a variety of problems, including lack of motivation, anger management, emotional regulation, teen depression, teen anxiety, teen trauma, teen PTSDamong others. 

Cognitive Behavior Therapy can help children, teens, and young adults challenge irrational thoughts and beliefs which have led to emotional, mood, and/or behavioral struggles. Let us help you 'untangle' those unhelpful and complicated thought and belief patterns that have prevented you from living a full and rich life.

The Therapeutic Relationship

Research has shown that the therapeutic relationship which is developed between the counselor and the client is essential to the client's success.  In fact, it can be the most important factor in the therapy process.  

You know your teen or young adult better than anyone else. It is likely that your teen or young adult will not see just any counselor. There must be a personality fit and connection that helps your teen or young adult feel comfortable in participating in the counseling process.


We have 50+ years of combined experience in teen therapy, young adult counseling, and family therapy. 

At Katy Teen & Family Counseling, we will work with you to select a counselor who will not  only meet your teen, young adult, and family's needs, but also be able to connect with you and your teen or young adult strengthening the therapeutic relationship.

Start Your Teen Therapy, Young Adult Counseling, or Family Therapy Journey at Katy Teen & Family Counseling: 

Katy, Tx & Houston

At Katy Teen & Family Counseling, we provide teen therapy, therapy for young adults, and family counseling approaches that are tried and true. Our teen counseling, young adult therapy, and family therapy approaches are designed to bring about lasting change. We have specialized in teen counseling, young adult counseling, and family therapy since 2003. Our goal is to help you reach your goals in the shortest amount of time.


Katy Teen & Family Counseling is conveniently just off of I-10 and 99. We are located about 4 blocks behind/south of Academy Sports. It is easily accessible for those living in Katy, Tx and Houston.


We also have our office in Sugar Land. Sugar Land Teen & Family Counseling in located in Sugar Land, TX, we specialize in family counseling. We are conveniently located off of US 90 and Dairy Ashford Road.

Our teen counselors, young adult therapists, and family therapy specialists are ready to help your teen and family. To start your teen counseling or family therapy journey, you can follow these simple steps:


1. Contact Katy Teen & Family Counseling

2. Meet with one of our caring therapists

3. Start your teen counseling journey and start healing. Those problems that have affected you so strongly can be a thing of the past. Picture what life will look like for you free of these struggles.​

Our mission At Katy Teen & Family Counseling is to restore hope, happiness, and connected family relationships. We look forward to starting this journey or restoration with you!


Teen Counseling, Young Adult Therapy, & Other Therapeutic Services Offered: Katy, Tx & the Houston Area

At Katy Teen & Family Counseling, we also provide marriage counseling, couples therapy, and therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Below are additional services we provide in Katy, Tx and for the surrounding areas:


Neurofeedback Therapy For:


Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)


Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) For:


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) For:


Gifted Teen & Young Adult Student Counseling:



Therapy for Talented Teen Athletes for:



Call Katy Teen & Family Counseling today for more information. You can start your healing journey with specialists in the field of teen counseling and family therapy. Draw on our expertise and take the first step today It can be a life changing experience!

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