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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you have been to teen counseling or family therapy before or this is your first time, we have provided a list of commonly asked questions to help you in your therapeutic journey. Please reach out to us should you have additional questions and we will be happy to answer them for you.

What can I expect from teen counseling & family therapy at Katy Teen & Family Counseling?

Once you've made the decision to see a teen counselor or family therapist, you still may feel nervous or apprehensive before your first session - that is absolutely normal and to be expected. We can assure you that we provide a comfortable setting where you can feel safe. Typically, the 'pre-session jitters' are no longer present  by the end of the first session. 

During the first session, the therapeutic process, structure, policies and procedures will be discussed. We will also begin exploring your experiences surrounding the presenting problem(s).


The initial evaluation period may last between the next 2-4 sessions. During this assessment phase, we will be getting to know you.  We will ask questions to gain an understanding of your worldview, strengths, concerns, needs, relationship dynamics, etc.  During this relationship building process, we will be gathering a lot of information to aid in the therapeutic approach best suited for your needs and goals.  After gathering background information, we will collaboratively identify your therapeutic goals.  


The intervention phase occurs anywhere from session 2 until graduation/achievement of stated goals.  Each client must actively participate in therapy sessions, utilize solutions discussed, and complete assignments between sessions.  Progress will be reviewed and goals adjusted as needed. The intervention phase can take 3, 6, 9 months and sometimes more depending on the person, the complexity of the challenges they face, and the frequency of sessions.


As you progress and get closer to completing goals, we will collaboratively discuss a transition plan for graduation.

What if my teen doesn't want to attend teen counseling?

Though the 'stigma' around seeing a teen counselor has decreased over the past decade, your teen may feel that needing to see a teen counselor means that something is wrong with them. We find that when you present it as a 'family need' and explain to your teen that seeing a teen counselor is not just for her/him but for each family member to learn how to get along better, it lessens the pressure a teen may feel regarding seeing a teen therapist. Change does not happen in a vacuum or isolated from others. It happens within the context of the system they belong to and in this case, the family system.

What if my parents don't see the need for me to see a teen counselor?

This is a tough one. As noted above, the stigma around seeing a teen counselor has decreased but when you approach your parents about wanting to see a teen therapist, your parents may feel it's a judgment on them and their ability to be effective parents.  

Approaching your parents with empathy and placing yourself in their shoes, you can reassure them that you love them, have learned so much from them as parents but you're still experiencing the problem you have been struggling with and you believe that speaking to a teen therapist may help. Be genuine in your approach with your parents.  We find that when a teen approaches their parents this way helps the parents see that they can still be great parents and at the same time need to consult a teen counselor for the benefit of their teen.

If you feel you may not be able to approach your parents in person, an email or note suits this purpose perfectly fine. Your parents may still want to talk with you about you seeing a teen counselor but emailing or writing them a note first will drain off much of the anxiety around talking to your parents in person about seeing a teen therapist.

Are there risks to teen therapy & family counseling?

In working to achieve therapeutic benefits, clients must take action to achieve desired results.  Although change is inevitable, it can be uncomfortable at times.  Resolving unpleasant events and making changes in relationship patterns may arouse unexpected emotional reactions.  Seeking to resolve problems can similarly lead to discomfort as well as relational changes that may not be originally intended.  We will work collaboratively toward a desirable outcome; however, it is possible that the goals of therapy may not be reached.

What is the length of teen counselling and family therapy?

Therapy sessions are typically weekly or bi-weekly for 50 minutes depending on the nature of the presenting challenges and personal finances and budget.  It is difficult to initially predict how many sessions will be needed.  We will collaboratively discuss from session to session what the next steps are and how often therapy sessions will occur.

There are a lot of factors that go into the length of time needed. Neurofeedback therapy is able to address the emotional or behavioral problems with pin point accuracy and neurofeedback therapy sessions typically take 25-40 sessions. EMDR therapy can take anywhere from 8-12 sessions however, I have seen clients require 6-9 months.


There are a variety of factors that enter into the length of teen counseling or family therapy.  Depending on the complexity of the challenges, the resiliency of the individual, the support system the person has outside of teen therapy and family counseling, the coping skills the individual currently has, all these and more factor into the length of teen counseling and family therapy. 

Do you provide teen counseling and family therapy in the evenings and weekends?

Yes to both. We understand that a family that has a teen and/or other children is a busy family. We want to be available during times that would be convenient for you and your family in order to eliminate the potential of adding one more stressor to your life.

Can I bring my whole family to family therapy?

Absolutely!  If appropriate and convenient for you, feel free to bring the whole family (including the family dog if you would like - no, really. Animal assisted therapy can aid in the healing process). Call prior to your session to discuss. 

Do you take insurance?

We do not take insurance and here are the reasons why: 

  1. Private pay leaves you in control of your care, including choosing your teen counselor and family therapist, length of treatment, etc.  Using insurance puts the insurance companies in control of your teen counseling and family therapy journey.  They will dictate how many sessions and what areas of focus they will/will not cover. 

  2. Private pay increases your privacy and confidentiality (except for limits of confidentiality). Using insurance requires us to complete certain documentation that will follow you and your teen throughout your lifetime.

  3. Private pay means we do not document a 'diagnosis' or a  'mental health disorder' on your medical record.  Insurance companies require this of counselors in order for the counselor to be reimbursed. Due to insurance companies requiring a counselor to diagnose a mental health disorder, this diagnosis could potentially follow you and your teen into the workforce or education setting.

  4. You can consult with us on non-psychiatric issues that are important to you that aren’t billable by insurance, such as learning how to cope with life changes, gaining more effective communication techniques for your relationships, increasing personal insight, and developing healthy new skills.  We also provide other services that insurance will not allow therapists to bill for such as in between sessions follow ups/check in's, longer sessions, parent coaching calls, etc.

After reading our position on why we don’t accept health insurance, you still may decide to use your health insurance.  If you provide us with a list of counselors on your insurance provider list, we will do our best to recommend a counselor for you. 

How much does teen counseling & family therapy sessions cost?

​The initial session rate is $180 and the subsequent teen counseling and family therapy, and/or neurofeedback rate is $150. The following is what we provide for our clients during their counseling journey that is unique from other counselors:

  1. For the Katy and Houston areas, we provide unparalleled expertise and are specialists in the field of teen counseling and family therapy with our start reaching back to 2003. 

  2. Each teen counselor and family therapist has experience and expertise in counseling teens and families with a commitment to go above and beyond the traditional treatment approach. 

  3. Each teen therapist and family counselor maintains a small caseload in order to provide you and your family the following which is unique among teen and family counselors:

    • A smaller caseload means that our teen therapist & family counselors can dedicate more of their time to you and your family's unique needs.

    • Where we are able, we we can take additional time up to 30 additional minutes to the session if needed, without extra cost to you.

    • Keeping our caseloads small means that we have time during the week, in between sessions, to make ourselves available for phone calls, emails, and/or texts should something arise (during and/or outside normal business hours).

    • Maintaining a smaller caseload allows us the flexibility to provide parent coaching outside of the teen counseling & family therapy sessions.​

    • Should something arise and you need to schedule an additional, spontaneous spur of the moment session, due to smaller caseloads, we often can accommodate those needs.

    • A smaller caseload provides us the opportunity, should the need arise, to provide in home teen counseling, family therapy and/or crisis management.

We are committed to go above and beyond the traditional counseling model and provide you with our expertise and specialized resources in between sessions to help you succeed. You will always be in control of the level of additional support provided. It will be there should you need it.


Our mission at Katy Teen & Family Counseling is to go above and beyond to provide the optimal therapeutic conditions needed to provide every teen and family opportunity for the restoration of hope, happiness, and connected family relationships. Reach out today to learn more.

Are there other policies I should be aware of?

We have a cancellation policy that if you cannot keep the scheduled teen therapy or family counseling appointment, you must notify your counselor within 48 hrs. of your scheduled appointment to cancel or reschedule.  If you do not notify your counselor within 48 hrs. of the scheduled appointment time, you will be billed half the full regular session rate if it is a weekday session and the full session rate if it is a weekend or holiday session.

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