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Specialists in Teen Counseling, Counseling for Young Adults, & Family Therapy

  • Your teen or young adult has been struggling with teen depression, teen anxiety, or other struggles and nothing seems to be helping. Your heart aches as you watch them struggle with these difficulties.


  • You may not have had to find a therapist before. It may be intimidating with all the choices, specialties, approaches, and sorting through all the choices.


  • 'Shopping' for a therapist can be challenging as each time you have to relay to them the reason for searching for a therapist. This can bring to the surface the hurt you experience for your teen or young adult each time.

  • One thing that you do know, is you want the best for your teen or young adult. Someone with the expertise and experience to help them be happy and whole again.


As a parent, it's so hard to watch our teen or young adult's struggle and struggle with things largely outside of our control. Up to this point in their young lives, we as parents have been able to take care of and fix what has ailed them. We know how to take care of a cold and the flu. We know how to clean and bandage scrapes and scratches. Even the struggles they may have had emotionally as a child we were able to help them with. Now, the teen and young adult years has brought with it not only physical changes, but emotional changes as well.

Often, the teen years is when teen depression, teen anxiety, and other difficulties emerge. You may have a gifted teen that had not shown signs of teen depression or teen anxiety before. A talented teen athlete who has always had high energy is finding it difficult to find motivation. You love your teen regardless of any other attributes and just for simply being YOUR teen.


These new challenges that they are facing can leave a parent feeling overwhelmed. Nothing can prepare us for knowing quite how to make this better. You are hoping you find that teen therapist and family counselor who has the experience and expertise in teen counseling and family therapy

You and your young adult (older teen) have been excited about the next phase in their life journey. The thought of attending college is both exciting and nerve racking for you both.


As you start this new chapter, you are finding that emotional or behavioral challenges are getting in the way. You know that you have the skill, the intellect, and the ability to succeed. But shortly into the semester, you are finding it more and more difficult to be succeed. The challenges that you believed you could work through prevent you from achieving at your full potential. It's there, just not accessible. 

Specialist Counselors & Generalist Counselors


When we think of a specialist in the medical field, we may think of neurologist, cardiologist, or orthopedic surgeon. These are medical doctors who have concentrated their careers on a very specific discipline of medicine. Specialists in the therapy world are no different.


Therapist who specialize have selected a very specific discipline in psychotherapy. Teen therapists, young adult counselors, couples counselors, substance abuse counselors, and eating disorder counselors are a few specialties. These are therapists who have spent their careers gaining experience and training in their field of specialty. These therapists would be the neurologists, cardiologists, or orthopedic surgeons of therapy. Specialist therapists have expertise in their very specific discipline in therapy. 

Specialists can also have a sub specialty. A sub specialty is a chosen area within their chosen specialty where the therapist has received specific training and experience. For example, a neurologist could also have a sub specialty in specifically treating headaches or seizures. A therapist could specialize in teen counseling and family therapy with a sub specialty in couples counseling or therapy for Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).


There are also therapists who are generalists. Generalists enjoy experiencing a wider variety in practicing therapy. Generalist enjoy the challenge of experiencing the wide range of mental health struggles. These generalist therapists would be the like the family physician or general practitioner. A general practitioner can treat a wide range of medical needs. But, when it comes to specialty needs, they must refer out to the neurologist, cardiologist, or orthopedic surgeon. 

Tips in Selecting a Specialist in Teen Counseling, Young Adult Counseling, & Family Therapy in Katy, Texas & Houston


You are seeking out the best teen counselor, young adult counselor, and family therapy specialists in Katy, Texas or the Houston area. Compared to generalist therapists, specialists in teen counseling, young adult counseling, and family therapy are fewer. Still, there are many to choose from so how do you start and what do you look for? Below are some tips in selecting a specialist in teen counseling, young adult counseling, and family therapy.

Tip #1: Selecting a Specialist in Teen Therapy & Family Counseling in the Katy, Texas and Houston Area

Teen Counseling, Young Adult Therapy, and Family Therapy Experience: When choosing an expert in the field of teen therapy and family counseling, years of experience is important. The number of years that a therapist has spent providing teen counseling and family therapy is an important factor. Years of practice does not always mean quality experience yet, it is an important element to factor in to your decision.

Tip #2: Selecting a Specialist in Teen Therapy & Family Counseling in the Katy, Texas and Houston Area

Teen Counseling and Family therapy in a Variety of Settings:  Having practiced teen counseling and family therapy and gaining experience in a variety of settings within that specialty is an important factor. A therapist who has provided teen counseling, young adult counseling, and family therapy in many settings tends to gain more experience in that specialty. While there are advantages to remaining in one setting an entire career, the scope of experience can be limited as a result. Look for those who have remained within the scope of teen counseling, therapy for young adults and family therapy yet have practiced in various settings.

Tip #3: Choosing a Specialist in Teen Therapy & Family Counseling in the Katy, Texas and Houston Area

Specialized Training: Years of experience and variety in treatment settings can be important elements in selecting a specialist in teen counseling, young adult counseling, and family therapy. Another element can be the extra specialized training the therapist has in teen therapy, young adult counseling, and family counseling. A therapist who has received specialized training has committed their time, energy, and resources in this pursuit. As a result, it is a strong indicator of their commitment to their specialty that they have chosen.

Teen Counseling, Young Adult Therapy, & Family Therapy Services


Our specialists in teen counseling, therapy for young adults, and family therapy are trained in those approaches that are supported by research and shown to be effective in the shortest amount of time. Among these are specialized approaches such as Neurofeedback, EMDR, CBT, and more. Below are some of the counseling and therapeutic approaches that we provide at Katy Teen & Family Counseling:

Begin Counseling With Your Specialist in Teen Counseling, Young Adult Counseling, & Family Therapy:

Katy, Tx & Houston 


You have teen therapists, young adult counselors, and family counselors who have spent their career specializing in teen counseling, counseling for young adults, and family therapy. At Katy Teen & Family Counseling, specialists are here for you.


Your teen or young adult does not need to live with teen depression, teen anxiety, teen panic attacks, teen trauma, or other struggles any longer. The hope, happiness, and connected family relationships can return.


Our specialists will walk with you each step of your counseling journey. Conveniently located just off of i-10 and 99, we are only a few minutes away for those in Katy, Tx and only a couple minute drive from those in the Houston, Tx.


To start your counseling journey, you can follow these three simple steps:


1. Contact Katy Teen & Family Counseling

2. Speak with our specialists in teen therapy, young adult counseling, and family counseling.

3. Start your journey with your specialist and begin the healing journey today.

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