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About Jami: Primary Therapist & Specialty Trained Accelerated Resolution Therapist (ART)


Knowledgeable, Authentic, & Caring: Specialist in Teen, Young Adult, & Family Therapy  

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What Others Say About Working with Jami Edwards, LMSW

What Others Say About Working with Jami


"Jami is the most knowledgeable, compassionate, caring person I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her Ability to connect and bui9ld rapport allows her to provide the best support that is specifically designed for each individual's needs. She is knowledgeable on the best interventions and therapeutic strategies needed for growth, recovery, and success. Jami puts her all into what she does for the good of the families and youth she works with."


Amanda Aguilar, M.Ed, Educational Diagnostician

-- Former Co-Worker



"I had the pleasure of working with Jami at Trinity Charter School in Katy, Tx. She is kind, enthusiastic, and professional. Jami easily adapts to any situation which she finds herself in. When working with teens, she always finds a way to relate to them and create connection. Jami is a great communicator and an effective listener. She is committed and passionate in her work."

Cynthia Gates, Licensed Specialist in School Psychology (LSSP

-- Former Co-Worker

"For the past 7 years and up until recently, I worked as the Regional Executive Director overseeing 3 residential treatment centers (RTCs). During that time, I have been fortunate to work with Jami in her capacity as the Regional Coordinator of Transition Services for Trinity Charter School. I have observed Jami's interactions with the teens she works with. She is genuine and authentic in her care for the teens. She is also very knowledgeable in therapeutic interventions and the teens she has worked with have benefited from her work as a result. 


With the many teens we are seeing that are experiencing teen anxiety, panic attacks, depression, etc. related to school, Jami adds an expertise in working in the education system that will be able to help many of our families."

Jason Drake, LCSW-S, EMDR Trained, BCIA Neurofeedback Professional

-- Former Co-Worker (RTC) & Current Colleague/Consultant at Katy Teen & Family Counseling

Personal Background & History


Since the beginning of my career, I have always wanted to work with teens, young adults, and families. Since 2005, this is what I have done. I have built a career working to improve the lives of the teens, young adults, and families that I have worked with. 

Since 2005, I have had the privilege of working with many teens who have struggled with a wide variety of challenges. Some of these challenges include:

I have also had the privilege of being a mother and raising my own teens. I have raised one son who has successfully completed his higher education pursuit at Ottawa University. I have a daughter who is currently attending Mary Hardin-Baylor and a teen daughter who graduated from Cinco Ranch High School.  


Raising a teen in today's world can be a challenging activity. Teens today face challenges and obstacles that are tough and complex. Some of the same challenges that I have helped other teens and families navigate, I found myself as a mother helping my own teens to navigate. 


Personal Background & History

Community Service & Engagement


We have been a family where community activities play an important role in our family's life. I have been and currently am very active in community activities which has given me the chance to be more involved in my teen's lives. With how busy our teens are today, participating in the activities that my kids have participated in has been a blessing.  I have been on the Cinco Ranch FFA Booster Club board and volunteer as much as possible.

One element of our lives that we enjoy with our teens is college football (Roll Tide!). We share this love with our kids and enjoy watching and attending games when we can. We also enjoy watching professional baseball with our kids cheering anytime the Chicago Cubs are playing. We also enjoy watching our son play collegiate baseball as this has been a passion and love of his (and I am a very proud Mama!)

Working with teens, young adults, and families has been a career choice and intentional from the start. It's not just a career for me but a passion. Seeing teens and families being able to course correct at this age is one of the most rewarding things I can experience.


I know that this course correction will mean that they will be more likely to be a successful adult. They will not need to try to overcome those challenges as an adult as they have met the challenge as a teen.

For those teens who did not have the opportunity to address these challenges as a teen, I can help you resolve those challenges and/or learn to manage them. There is a pathway forward for each and every person if they are motivated and committed.  Providing teen therapy, counseling for young adults, and family therapy, I have helped others with similar struggles succeed.

Professional Background & History


As I attended college, I pursued a degree that would enable me to work with teens, young adults, and families. In 2001, I graduated from the St. Leo University in Florida with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. And, in 2005, I graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Master's Degree in Clinical Social Work.  ​

I started off my therapeutic career helping teens, young adults, and their mothers.  I helped them as they worked through the difficult process of healing from the trauma domestic violence inflicts. 

Teen trauma therapy and PTSD treatment has been a strong passion of mine. Often, it can feel to a teen that there is no way out of the effects of trauma and PTSD. Along with these challenges often come depression, anxiety, social anxiety, panic attacks, and other challenges that I have helped teens and families through. 

Having successfully worked with teens and young adults in navigating this complex path, I have seen teens and young adults who have successfully resolved traumatic events in their lives. The symptoms they used to experience no longer plague them. They go on to find success and happiness due to the trauma therapy and PTSD treatment they participated in.

I have also worked in community mental health providing teen therapycounseling for young adults, and family counseling. I have helped teens, young adults, and families successfully navigate a variety of emotional or behavioral struggles. Some of the struggles I have helped teens and families through include:


The experience I've gained in my career has helped me gain the expertise to help the teens, young adults, and families in the Katy, Tx and Houston, Tx area. Specializing in teen therapy, young adult counseling, and family counseling, together we can help you regain hope and happiness.

Professional Background & History

Expertise in School Systems & Therapeutic Support

Since 2013, I have worked with teens within an academic setting and within a Charter School.  I have helped teens who have experience complex trauma help to navigate the school system.


I have also helped those with learning differences maintain their grades. I have also helped them to ensure they receive the proper support and accommodations from the school.  In addition, I provide individual teen therapy and group therapy for the teens at the Charter School. 

A number of teens seen for therapy at Katy Teen & Family Counseling have experienced academic difficulties due to their struggles. School attendance and other elements have become a factor in their continued success.  Teen depression, teen anxiety, panic attacks, school phobias, and other struggles can interfere with the teen's ability to attend school and complete their work. 

Being experienced and well versed in the school system and being a therapist myself, I have a unique opportunity to help these teens and families navigate the school system. I can help educate parents on their rights and what the supports available to them by the school. 

I can also help educate the school professionals on the unique challenge the teen and family are facing. I can help them understand the lengths you as parents are going to help your teen succeed. Together, we can rally the support your teen and family need from the school professionals.

Advanced Training: Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)

Specialized Training: Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)


As a teen therapist and young adult counselor, I have a strong foundation upon which to build. I will always be interested in advancing my skill set with specialized training. I research and find those specialty trainings that are supported by research, shown to be effective, and in the shortest amount of time.

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), often referred to as ART, uses principles from Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Gestalt, and Brief Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (BPP). In 2015, ART was listed as on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) as an effective treatment not only for trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), but also for depression and personal resilience. 

ART has also shown to be effective for:

While there is a lot of similarities with EMDR, there is one very distinct difference between ART and EMDR. ART has been shown to work quicker than traditional EMDR.


In general, each session is around 60-75 minutes long and a client can find relief in as few as 3-5 sessions. Teens, young adults, and adults have remarked about the benefits they received after the first session!

ART describes the therapy as follows:

"The client is always in control of the entire ART session, with the therapist guiding the process. Although some traumatic experiences can be very painful to think about or visualize, the therapy rapidly moves clients beyond the place where they are stuck in these experiences toward growth and positive changes.


The process is very straightforward, using relaxing eye movements and a technique called Voluntary Memory/Image Replacement to change the way in which the negative images are stored in the brain. The treatment is grounded in well-established psychotherapy techniques.


The end result is that traumas and difficult life experiences will no longer trigger strong emotions or physical reactions. Importantly, clients do not even have to talk about their traumas or difficult life experiences with the therapist to achieve recovery."

If you are interested in learning more about ART, click on this link to their home page or give me a call. I would love to talk more about how ART could help you, your teen, or young adult!

Therapist & School System Expert

Therapist & School System Expert:

Helping Your Teen & Family Heal & Succeed in School 


I bring a unique set of skills and experience to Katy Teen & Family Counseling. In addition to the teen therapy,  counseling for young adults, and family counseling experience, I also bring an extensive knowledge in navigating the independent school district systems. Sometimes things like teen depression, teen anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety, school phobias, ADHD/ADD, create obstacles for your teen's academic success. 

It is important that the professionals at the school understand the therapeutic and clinical nature of the difficulties. Often, it's not because the teen doesn't want to go to school, it's because the panic sets in and prevents them from being able to attend.  It may not be because the teen simply doesn't want to do their homework. It may be because depression has robbed them of the energy and motivation to do so. 


As the school professionals come to understand the clinical nature of the struggle, often they will go out of their way to provide support for success. Having a therapist who is skilled and knowledgeable in how to navigate this course can take the pressure and weight off your teen and family.


While this pressure is off, it allows your teen and family to focus on resolving the teen depression, teen anxiety, panic attacks, school phobia, ADHD/ADD or whatever is currently standing in your teen's way to success. 

Draw on Our Expertise as Specialists in Teen Counseling, Therapy for Young Adults, & Family Therapy: 
Serving Katy, Tx & Houston

Start Counseling Today


At Katy Teen & Family Counseling, we have gathered together those therapists who specialize in teen therapy,  counseling for young adults, and family counseling. Each have a unique skill set that can help your teen, young adult, and family resolve complicated live struggles.


Once these struggles are resolved, your teen or young adult can live life to the fullest utilizing their full potential. Often, the emotional or behavioral struggles place an artificial cap on them being able to use their full potential. We will partner with you in helping to remove the artificial cap allowing your teen or young adult to thrive. 

Our office is conveniently located just off of I-10 and 99 A minute or two south on 99 from I-10. For those in the Katy, Tx area, it's only a few minutes away. For those in the Houston, Tx area, it's only a couple minutes once you exit I-10.


We also have our office in Sugar Land. Sugar Land Teen & Family Counseling in located in Sugar Land, TX, we specialize in family counseling. We are conveniently located off of US 90 and Dairy Ashford Road.


Our caring teen, young adult, and family specialists want to help. If you are ready to take that first step and start your counseling journey, you can follow these three simple steps:​

1. Contact Katy Teen & Family Counseling

2. Meet with Jami Edward, LCSW

3. Begin teen therapy, counselling for young adults, or family counseling today

Therapeutic Services Offered at Katy Teen & Family Counseling

Other Services Offered at Katy Teen & Family Counseling


At Katy Teen & Family Counseling, we provide other therapeutic and counseling services in addition to teen counseling, young adult counseling, and family therapy. Below are some of those counseling services in addition to other therapeutic approaches in treating a variety or struggles:


Call or email Katy Teen & Family Counseling today to schedule an appointment with Jami Edwards, LCSW. Take the fist step in a journey of restoring hope, happiness, and connected family relationships.

Katy Teen & Family Counseling, PLLC


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