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50+ Years of Combined Experience: Teen Therapy, Young Adult Counseling, & Family Therapy


For some, adolescence ranges from 12-18. Others would argue that adolescence starts in the pre-teen years and can range from 10-18. The World Health Organization has the range of adolescence between the ages of 10-19. The Journal, Lancet: Child & Adolescent Mental Health, puts adolescence ranging from the ages of 10-24.

At Katy Teen & Family Counseling, we specialize in working with teens of any age and various stages of life. We provide teen therapy for those who would qualify as pre-teens (ages 11 & 12) and Junior High and High School aged teens (ages 13-18). We also provide counseling for young adults (or older teens) ages 18-24 who face unique challenges as young adults.


Both the younger teens and the older teens (or young adults) may struggle with similar difficulties:

These difficulties pose unique challenges based on the teen's stage of life. A teen in Junior High or High School struggling with these difficulties is hard enough. But as an older teen who has graduated High School, the pressures of attending college, getting a job, and becoming fully independent and self-reliant (becoming an adult) adds additional pressures that can feel overwhelming. 

Because of the difficulties and the added life pressure of living life after High School, these difficulties can become exponentially more difficult. Depression, social anxiety, anxiety, ADHD/ADD can interfere with success in college, success in work, and success in social situations.  

As Parents, You May Find Yourselves Asking the Following Questions:

  • Their personality has changed. Is this just a normal teen phase or something more serious?

  • Could this just be some normal bumps in the road transitioning from High School to life after High School or is it something more serious?

  • Where is all this anger coming from? 

  • Are they really ready to attend college away?

  • Why is my teen so sad all the time?

  • Why does my teen get so upset when she can't get things 'perfect'? 

  • How can I help them get motivated to move out and become independent?

  • Why won't my teen let me in so I can help?

  • Will I ever be able to have conversations with my teen that don't end in him yelling and threatening?

  • Will I feel safe in my own home again?

  • What happened to my teen's motivation? He used to get such good grades and now it's a battle to get my teen to do their homework. 

  • What else is there that I can do to help my teen?

If you have asked any of these questions or questions similar to these about your teen, you are not alone. Many parents ask the same questions about their teens. Many parents are looking for answers on how to help them find happiness again. At Katy Teen & Family Counseling, our teen counselors and family therapists specialize specifically in working with teens, young adults, and families with struggles just like you may be experiencing.

Today's Teens

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The challenges teens and young adults face today are complex and different than previous generations. Teen depression, teen anxiety, teen ADHD, and other emotional and behavioral struggles experienced by today's teens have significantly increased in the past decade. 


Teen anxiety and teen depression are recognized as being the leading cause of emotional and behavioral distress for youth.  Since 2010, teen suicide rates have spiked 56% and is now the 2nd leading cause of death among youth between the ages of 15 and 24.

Watching teens and young adults struggle with seemingly insurmountable challenges can leave parents and family members feelings fearful, powerless, and they are left with their hearts aching. After exhausting all their ideas to help their teens cope, parents can start to feel discouraged and experience feelings of hopelessness.


There is a way through these challenge for your teen, young adult, and family.  Let the experience of our specialists in teen counseling, young adult therapy, and family therapy help you navigate this healing journey.  You have made the first step by exploring therapy options for your teen. Now, let us help you take the next step.

Finding a teen therapist, young adult therapist, and family counselor to assist in your family's path back to healing can be daunting and even uncomfortable.  By contacting Katy Teen & Family Counseling, you will be greeted by one of our experienced and caring therapists which helps make that first phone call more comfortable. We will help you assess the right teen counselor, young adult therapist, and family therapist for your teen and family. 

The "Why" We Provide Teen Counseling, Young Adult Therapy, & Family Therapy 

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There are several reasons why we have chosen to dedicate our careers to providing therapy to teens, young adults, and families: 

Removing the Obstacles of Today For a Brighter Tomorrow


The struggles that teens face today, if not addressed, will follow them into young adulthood. We help teens make changes that will remove obstacles in their way when transitioning into young adulthood.


Removing these obstacles often results in happiness and success for the teen. A happy and successful teen often results in a happy and successful young adult. We want the teens we work with to successfully transition into adulthood because they have addressed and resolved the problems of today.

We Find Higher Success Rates in Working With Teens


We experience a higher success rate with teens and  young adults. Research supported therapy approaches like CBT, EMDR, and Neurofeedback work well with most teens. Not only are they effective, but they also usually take less time than the same approaches with older adults.


It is rewarding to partner with a teen, young adult, and their family and see them grow, change, and find happiness and connected family relationships. As a teen counselor, young adult therapist, and family therapist, this is what it's all about.

The Strength & Power of the Family in Therapy


There is strength and power in the family unit. The 'secret' ingredients for long term success for the teen and young adult often reside with the family. ​When we have parents that are willing to make changes, along with the teen and young adult as the they make changes, it is common that we accomplish the teen, young adult, and family's goals. 


Not only do the teen, young adult, and family often accomplish the goals, now the family has evolved with the teen and chances of long-term change increases. The teen or young adult has a support team that has grown along with them and can help them maintain the changes.​​

Helping Teens & Families is Our Superpower


We have yet to find a therapist who works with teens, young adults, and families who does not love their work! We believe that this is due to the unique personality and innate skill set required to be successful in working with teens, young adults, and families. It's a natural fit for them. Without the unique personality and innate skill set, therapists find it challenging and move on to work with others. 


Teen therapists, young adult therapists, family counselors are often asked if we find it hard to work with teens and families. It's likely because they have children of their own and have compassion and empathy for the struggles. For those of us who specialize in teen therapy, counseling for young adults, and family counseling, it's a question that is hard for us to comprehend.

As specialists, we see the current struggles and difficulties that teens, young adults, and families face.  We also see the impact it has on the teen, young adult, and family. But, we also have a superpower of being able to see past the struggles and difficulties.


In collaborating with your teen, young adult, and family, we have a clear image in our minds of what the teen, young adult, and family will be like once they successfully complete therapy. With that end in mind, we will work with you to achieve that end.


For us, it's an eventuality.  For us, it's already happened. In our minds, we see the successful outcome for a teen, young adult, and family. This superpower provides us the ability to help guide the teen, young adult, and family to that successful outcome.

At Katy Teen & Family, our teen counseling and family therapy specialists are half of the equation for your success.  The other half of the equation is the teen, young adult, and family themselves. We have found that those families who are successful in their therapy goals are those:

  • Who attend therapy regularly

  • Teens and young adults who are willing to change and work to improve their lives (some teens young adults come in unmotivated and that's okay. We can help)

  • Parents who understand that there may be things they can do differently to help

  • Who are committed to the process, make therapy a priority, and are not willing to give up especially when it becomes challenging

Together, we can create changes that can restore hope, happiness, and connected family relationships!

The "What" of Providing Teen Counseling, Counseling for Young Adults, & Family Therapy 

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Together, we have a combined 50+ years of experience in providing counseling and therapeutic services. Specializing in teen, young adult, and family therapy, we have been effective in treating the following struggles:

The "How" of Providing Teen Counseling, Therapy for Young Adults, & Family Therapy


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At Katy Teen & Family Counseling, we are intentional on the therapeutic approaches we use with teens, young adults, and families. Our teen therapy, young adult counseling, and family counseling foundation rests on those approaches that have been supported by research and have been shown to work. Below are some of the approaches that we use at Katy teen & Family Counseling:

At Katy Teen & Family Counseling, our mission is "Through teen, young adult, and family counseling, we help you live a life of awesomeness by overcoming the obstacles of today, thereby preventing the challenges of tomorrow."

Begin Teen Counseling, Young Adult Therapy, & Family Therapy in Katy Texas

There are answers and a pathway forward for your teen's and young adult's struggles. Teens and young adults, there is hope. Parents, you will have seasoned and experienced help and support. 


Teen therapy, therapy for young adults, and family counseling can help you be freed from the grips of depression, anxiety, panic, ADHDtraumasubstance abuse or other difficulties. You don't have to carry around this heavy burden any longer. We have a combined 50+ years of providing therapy to teens, young adults, and families and can help lighten the load.  

Our office is conveniently located just off of I-10 and 99. Our teen therapists, young adult therapists, and family counselors specialize in teen counseling, counseling for young adults, and family therapy. Meet with one of our therapists today in the Katy, Tx office and take the first step towards happiness and success. Also serving teens, young adults, and families in the Houston, Tx area. To start that journey, you can follow these three simple steps:

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2. Meet with one of our caring therapists

3. Let our teen, young adult, and family therapy specialists support your teen, young adult, and family through the healing process

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