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When a teen is struggling, parents can find themselves asking the following questions about their teen:

  • Where is all this anger coming from? It seems to come out of no where.

  • I get so worried for her. Will the intense sadness and crying pass? Is this just a teen stage she is going through? What has happened to my happy teen? 

  • Most conversations turn into an argument even over the simplest things.  Will I ever be able to have conversations with him that don't end in him yelling and threatening? Will I feel safe in my own home again?

  • I just want her to feel confident again. What happened to cause my teen to think that perfection is the goal? Why does she get so upset when she can't get things 'perfect'?

  • I'm concerned with the friend's he's hanging out with. Whey doesn't he hang out with his old friends any more and is choosing to hang out with friends who are using drugs, alcohol, or who are engaged in other unsafe behavior?

  • Where did the motivation go? He used to get such good grades and now he struggles to do his homework. What happened to all his potential?

  • She seemed to be fine before it happened. Now she can't sleep well, she is having nightmares, seems sad and depressed, memories of the incident keep popping into her mind, and she doesn't like to be around people anymore. Is there hope in sight after experiencing an incident like this?

If you have asked any of these questions or questions similar to these about your teen, you are not alone. Many parents ask the same questions about their teens and are looking for answers on how to help them find happiness again. At Katy Teen & Family Counseling, our teen counselors and family therapists specialize specifically in working with teens and families with struggles just like these. 

Today's Teens

The challenges teens face today are complex and different than previous generations. Teen depression, teen anxiety, teen ADHD, and other emotional and behavioral struggles experienced by today's teens have significantly increased in the past decade.  Teen anxiety and teen depression are recognized as being the leading cause of emotional and behavioral distress for youth.  Since 2010, teen suicide rates have spiked 56% and is now the 2nd leading cause of death among youth between the ages of 15 and 24.

Watching teens struggle with seemingly insurmountable challenges leaves parents and family members with feelings of fear, powerlessness, and heartache as they watch their loved one struggle. After exhausting traditional means to help their teens cope, parents can become discouraged and even hopeless.


There is a way through these challenge for your teen and family.  Let the experience of our specialists in teen counseling and family therapy help you navigate this journey to healing.  You have made the first step by demonstrating your commitment to your teen by seeking to learn more. Now, let us help you take the next step.

Finding a teen therapist and family counselor to assist in your family's path back to healing can be daunting and even uncomfortable.  Let us help in the process.  By contacting Katy Teen & Family Counseling, we will help you assess the right teen counselor and family therapist for you. 

Begin Teen Counseling & Family Therapy in Katy Texas

There are answers to your teen's struggles and hope for you as a teen, as a parent, and as a family.  Teen therapy and family counseling can help your teen be freed from the grips of teen depression, teen anxiety, teen panic, teen ADHDteen traumasubstance abuse or other difficulties that weigh them down and prevent them from reaching their full potential. As your teen heals, your family heals alongside them. 

Our office is conveniently located just off of I-10 and 99. Our teen therapists and family counselors specialize in teen counseling and family therapy. Meet with one of our expert therapists today to start your counseling journey. To start that journey, you can follow these three simple steps:

1. Complete the contact form below.

2. Meet with one of our caring therapists

3. Start on the pathway that leads to your teen's happiness and help them reach their full potential by removing the barriers that stand in their way. Your teen can heal and become stronger for it and your family will heal and become stronger right along side them. Call us today.

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