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Healthy Positivity: How to Avoid Toxic Positivity With Your Teenager

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Cultivating a positive mindset can improve a teenager's mental health. A positive mindset focuses on traits like gratitude, optimism and hopefulness. A positive attitude can help a teenager navigate anxiety and bouts of sadness.

At the same time, there is a version of positivity that is not healthy. Toxic positivity is a mindset where one rejects or denies the negative parts of life, including stress and other negative emotions and experiences. A study from Jonn Hopkins University shows the positive benefits of healthy positivity. And the negative effects of toxic positivity can take a real toll on a teen's mental health.

Here are a few examples of toxic positivity:

Teenager: "I'm having a really bad day." Toxic Response: "Don't complain. You have so much to be thankful so you shouldn't ever feel this way!"

Teenager: "I'm really struggling with my brother. I don't feel like he respects my privacy and is always annoying me. Toxic Response: "Your brother is blood. You have to get along no matter what."

Teenager: School sucks!" Toxic Response: "You have no reason to complain. You attend some of the best schools around."

Ways to Avoid Toxic Positivity

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So how exactly do we help our teen avoid toxic positivity while not dwelling on the negative? Below are some suggestions that can help.

1. Happiness Includes Healthy Negative Emotions

It's really not possible (or healthy) to pursue feelings of happiness with no corresponding negative emotions. A teen's day is filled with opportunities to feel concerned, sad, remorse and other healthy negative emotions.

Focusing solely on happiness creates unrealistic expectations that the teenager cannot attain. This can create a cycle where the teen feels worse about themselves when they cannot attain the perfect level of bliss.

This is not to glamorize unhealthy negative emotions. Teen anxiety, teen depression, etc. can be real issues that need to be explored and addressed. The point is that some healthy negative emotions are natural and even necessary for a balanced teenage life.

2. Empathy vs. Invalidation

Teenagers are allergic to toxic positivity because they feel it invalidates their experience. When parents or teachers respond to genuine complaints without responding with empathy, validating the teens experience, and only responding with the positive spin, this can contribute to the teen feeling dismissed and ignored.

Providing empathy and validating the teen's experience is not agreeing with everything the teenager feels but trying to understand their perspective. Empathy is reached by talking with the teenager and seeking to explore their point of view.

Instead of only responding with positivity, open up a dialogue to understand what they are really going through. Then the positivity will have more meaning.

3. Practice Healthy Positivity

The best way to avoid toxic positivity is to practice healthy positivity. Healthy positivity is all about staying flexible and open to good experiences while acknowledging difficult emotions or experiences.

Encourage your teen not to shut out the negative but to be more mindful of the positive. Here are a few ways you can encourage your teen to practice healthy positivity:

  • Keep a gratitude journal

  • Ask them to highlight at least one positive of their school day

  • Encourage your teen to see difficult experiences from more than one angle

  • Teach your teen to use positive self-affirmations to counter some of their automatic negative thinking

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