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Helping Teens Stay Motivated in the Summer: 6 Tips for Combating Seasonal Depression

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Teens who battle depression can struggle in the summer. This seems a bit counter intuitive at first glance. Parents think that being out of school will help their teen’s mood. While it is true that no school may help with stress, it can also contribute to feelings of depression.

Many teens lose a schedule during the summer. It is also common for teens to stay indoors and play more video games than usual. Summer can be a time where teens get less sleep. It can also be a season of more isolation and less social interaction.

If your teen has a history of depression, the summer can become a time where they struggle more than usual. Here are some tips to consider to help combat your teen’s seasonal depression.

6 Tips for Combating Seasonal Depression

1. Schedule

Teens with depression need a schedule and structure. Since school is out, you’ll need to help them create a schedule. A schedule with different components is helpful. Carve out time for exercise, creativity, socialization and productivity. Ask your teen for input. Don’t create the schedule without their influence. There may be room for compromise here.

2. Sleep

With school out, your teen may want to sleep more than usual. Monitoring your teen’s scheduled is very important. Ensuring they get enough sleep (not too little or too much) is important for their mental health. You may have to limit their screen time and ensure they are getting to bed at a decent hour. You’ll likely have to help them wake up a reasonable hour.

3. Exercise

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Regular exercise is a critical component of mental health. Depressed teens are going to struggle to stay active. Encouraging them to get out and be active will be important to help them feel better. Go on walks at night. Join a gym and encourage your teen to lift weights or swim. Riding bikes and playing basketball can be great ways to get exercise.

4. Socialization

Teens battling depression are prone to isolation. Isolation breeds more depression! Encourage your teen to hang out with friends a few times a week. Connecting with friends will be good for their self-esteem and motivation. Host a sleep over at your house or invite people to a BBQ.

5. Employment

One way to help your teen stay motivated is to encourage them to get a job. Even a part-time job can do the trick. A summer job can help your teen improve their work ethic, learn to manage money and meet new friends. A summer job also establishes a natural schedule. A job can help your teen feel productive.

6. Therapy

Teen boy and woman with a clip board sitting on chairs talking. Represents the need for counseling for teen depression in houston tx. Also represents the need for therapy for teen depression in houston, tx.

Keep your teenager in therapy over the summer. Therapy for teen depression helps teens learn coping strategies to combat negative thoughts. A therapist can also work with your teenager to establish goals for the week. Therapy goals include socialization, exercise and other steps to increase motivation. A weekly or every other week session encourages your teen to talk and stay accountable.

Begin Teen Therapy With a Teen Counselor at Katy Teen & Family Counseling: Katy, Tx & Houston

Summer time is a perfect time to get a jump on the new school year. Those emotional struggles that created difficulty for you during the last school year can be worked during the summer to prevent them from being obstacles in your path for the next school year.

At our Katy, Tx location of Katy Teen and Family Counseling, our teen therapists can help. Our teen counselors specialize in helping teens overcome depression, anxiety, panic, ADHD/ADD, trauma, PTSD and other struggles.

If you are ready to work on removing the emotional struggles that stand in your way, all you need to do is follow these three simple steps:

  1. Contact Katy Teen & Family Counseling

  2. Speak with one of our teen counselors who specialize in teen therapy

  3. Let us help you overcome the struggles that stand in your way of happiness & success

Other Therapy and Counseling Services Offered at Katy Teen & Family Counseling: Serving Katy, Tx & The Houston Area

At the Katy, Tx location of Katy Teen & Family Counseling, we provide other counseling and therapeutic services with an emphasis on the family. Parenting struggling teens or young adults can place a strain on the marriage or relationship. We also provide marriage counseling and couples therapy.

We also provide a variety of specialized teen therapy, young adult counseling, and family counseling services:

Neurofeedback Therapy

Peak performance (optimal academic brain performance)

Peak performance (optimal athletic brain performance)

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR Therapy)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

About the Author

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Quique Autrey is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). Quique specializes in teen therapy and helping teens build upon their innate strengths while developing skills and tools to overcome depression, anxiety, panic attacks, ADHD, and more.

He also is a family systems therapist. He views each individual through that lens and provides therapy for the family system which includes: teen therapy, young adult counseling, family counseling, marriage counseling & couples therapy.

Quique has helped those who experience depression, anxiety, panic attacks, ADHD/ADD, and is trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

Quique also has a passion for helping teens, young adults, and adults who may be on the Autism Spectrum. He has a talent for connecting with and helping people with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

If you're ready to start your healing journey in teen therapy, you can call us at 346-202-4662 or email us at

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