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About Justin: Primary Therapist

A Talented & Skilled Teen Counselor, Young Adult Therapist, Family Therapist, Marriage Counselor, & Couples Therapist

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Personal, Educational, & Professional Background

Pesonal, Professional, & Educational Background


I have been blessed in my life to find an amazing life partner. I am married with two kids who are the center of our lives. I very much enjoy being a father and find ways to have a healthy work/life balance to spend time with my kids.


I have always had a desire to know others in a deep way. This first manifested itself in me wanting to be a Catholic priest. As I pursued this course, I came to find that there were other ways to be of help to others. I found that pursuing a career in counseling and marriage & family therapy will enable me to help others in a much broader way. 


I chose the Marriage & Family Therapist path as it is the degree that provides training not just in individual therapy, but couples therapy, marriage counseling, and family therapy as well. We all have a tribe we belong to, and this tribe also has influence on our mental health. Having training in individual, couples, and family therapy allows me to address challenges in each of these areas where needed.


I have been providing teen therapy, young adult counseling, family therapy, couples therapy, and marriage counseling since 2020. My counseling and therapy path has provided me a wide variety of experience as a counselor.


In my free time I enjoy watching movies/anime, roasting coffee beans, and reading. 

My Therapy Approach 


When providing therapy for teens, young adults, families, and couples, I use my natural curiosity of getting to know others. I like to ask questions that help my clients think differently about the challenges they are encountering.


Teens have very unique challenges that young adults may not face. And while young adults are now in the "adult" category, they face new, unique challenges they may not have encountered before. In couples therapy and marriage counseling, it is important to help people discover things that, because they are in the midst of the challenges, may not have observed before.


As a therapist, it has and continues to be important to me that I work hard on my own personal growth so that I can help others on their journeys. The more I work on my own personal progress, the better I am at helping others.


My primary theoretical models focus on those that are supported by research and have been shown to be effective. I have been trained and use Bowen Family Systems theory, Structural Family Therapy, and Strategic Family Therapy.


I focus on the personhood of my clients whether working in teen therapy, young adult counseling, family counseling, or couples therapy. We are not our symptoms. Focusing on the person and not the symptoms I find helps people utilize their unique strengths to heal and achieve their goals.


My approach is unique from that of most teen, young adult, family, and couples counselors because of my background in family systems theory. I love working with families experiencing difficulties with conflict, anxiety, panic attacks, social anxiety, depression, and behavioral issues.

Teen, Young Adult, Family, & Couples Therpist

Educational Journey


Growing up in the Richmond area I went to Foster High School. Immediately after graduating, I entered the seminary to begin my formation as a priest at St. Joseph's Seminary College in Covington, LA where I studied philosophy.


After my sophomore year in the seminary, I discerned out of the program. I then pursued a degree in psychology at Franciscan University of Steubenville in Steubenville, OH. After graduating with my Bachelor's degree, I pursued my Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Professional Journey


Since I began my marriage and family therapy program, I have had the benefit of participating in many different professional settings:


  • I have worked with professionals diagnosed with personality disorders. Due to their challenges, these were individuals who were at risk of losing their professional licenses with their professional licensing boards. 

  • After becoming licensed I began working on an adult psychiatric unit as an inpatient therapist.

  • My next step was to transfer to the outpatient teen program where I provided teen therapy to 11–14 year old's who recently left the mental health hospital for suicidal ideation or behavioral issues. 

  • Next I worked as an Academic and Personal Counselor at a private all boys high school where I helped students struggling with academic and personal difficulties that affected their ability to succeed in school. 

  • Finally I have worked in private practice providing therapy services to teens, young adults, families, and couples.

A Teen Therapist, Young Adult Counselor, Family, & Couples Counselor at Katy Teen & Family Counseling


I was drawn to Katy Teen & Family Therapy because of their commitment to the importance of family involvement in helping teens successfully reach their goals. I also find that working with families with teenagers is my favorite population to work with, and Katy Teen & Family allows me to reach that population and support my community. I also share the value Katy Teen & Family places on providing quality services and prioritizing the client's wellbeing. 

Challenges that I have helped others overcome include but are not limited to:

  • Suicidal ideation

  • Self-harm

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Social anxiety

  • Panic attacks

  • Gifted & talented teens


  • Family conflict

  • Couples/marital discord

Draw on Our Expertise at Katy Teen & Family Counseling: 
Serving Katy & Houston Texas

Start with Justin Today


At Katy Teen & Family Counseling, we know there are ways to help you through the challenges you are experiencing. We have worked with others and have helped them succeed. Challenges come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They also can arise throughout different periods of our lives.


There are answers. There is hope. The first step in any journey can be the most difficult. Let me walk with your family through this journey and help you reach your destination. Begin counseling today and start the process of healing hearts and strengthening relationships. Teen counseling, young adult counseling, family therapy, couples therapy, or marriage counseling can help.


Our office is conveniently located just off of I-10 and 99. For those living in Katy, Texas it's only a few minutes away. For those living in Houston, Texas, it's a couple minute drive once you exit 99 South from I-10.

We also have our office in Sugar Land. Sugar Land Teen & Family Counseling in located in Sugar Land, TX, we specialize in family counseling. We are conveniently located off of US 90 and Dairy Ashford Road.


To start your counseling journey, you can follow these three simple steps:​


1. Contact Katy Teen & Family Counseling

2. Schedule a time to meet with Justin Perry, LMFT-A

3. Take the first step in removing the barriers that block your path to happiness and a full life

Teen Counseling & Other Therapeutic Services Offered at Katy Teen & Family Counseling 

Teen Counseling & Othe Therapeutic Services Offered


At Katy Teen & Family Counseling, we provide other therapeutic and counseling services in addition to teen counseling, young adult counseling, and family therapy. Below are some of those counseling services in addition to other therapeutic approaches in treating a variety or struggles :


Call or email Katy Teen & Family Counseling today to schedule an appointment with Justin Perry, LMFT-A. Let Justin help you overcome the challenges that stand in your way of hope, happiness, and connected family relationships.

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